Favorite Links to Explore

The world of yoga is vast and getting vaster all the the time. Below is a set of links that you might want to explore for more information on yoga centers and where to get yoga props, books, and other yoga-related articles.

Yoga Sites for Asanas and Props.

North Carolina Yoga Provides complete information on all yoga sites in North Carolina
Hugger Mugger Equipment Is a very good site and has props, clothes and more.
Eightlimbs Equipment This site has ordering information
Yoga Journal This is the web site for the magazine Yoga Journal. It has a great deal of information on asanas, articles, etc.
Yoga International This is the web site for the magazine Yoga International. It has a great deal of information on asanas, yoga sutras, articles, etc.
Susan's bookmarks This is a list of bookmarks on 'delicious.com' by Susan. A great collection of useful links.

Yoga Centers

Ananda Marga The is the offical site of Ananda Marga
Iyengar Offical Web Page The is the offical site of B.K.S. Iyengar. It offers many links, audio pronounciations of the asanas, and innovation to Patanjali.
Yoga Centers This is Aadil Palkhivala's site for Purna Yoga
Moving into Stillness Erich Schiffman's (ashtanga teacher and author) web site for equipment.
Yoga Zone This is Alan Finger's company and has a catelog and very nice site for ordering clothes, equipments, etc.
Kripalu Yoga Center Website for Kripalu yoga located in Lenox, MA.
The Himalayan Institute Website for Himalayanin Institutue
A leader in the field of yoga, meditation, spirituality, and holistic health.
Bikram Yoga College Website for Bikram Yoga
Satchitananda Ashram/Yogaville The website of the late Swami Satchitananda in Yogaville, VA

Sanskrit Language Sites

Intergral Yoga Site Sanskrit Glossary